1.      What is this MASS Enterprise?

MASS Enterprises is a company involved in project management & support services for the business. We can provide any kind of services and support for any kind of business or projects especially development projects.


2.      How do MASS works?

We work in two ways, firstly, when the tender is announced, we provide all support to tendering organization like yours, for bid preparation, sourcing the suppliers and manufacturers of the equipments, locally as well as internationally, as per tender specifications. Secondly, when your organization becomes the main contractor, we act as sub contractor in the country of project execution. After appointment, we get complete orientation of the project, harmonize the resources and execute the project with in specified period of contract. Professional teamwork can be witnessed well, when we complete the projects as a part or as on turnkey basis.


3.      What do you mean by support services?

Support services means that we can arrange any kind of services even not specified in the scope of work of the main contract for project. It also includes partial services, if not willing to engage us for package deal, e.g. transport services, warehousing & storage services, provision of security personnel service, inland and overseas shipments handling services, consultation on proposed project not only to local but to foreign clients as well.


4.      What is your work in a project?

Companies & organizations propose us different projects and tell us that where they want to accomplish them and asked us to arrange resources that are needed for their project completion. Then there onward our work starts, we introduce our clients with suitable suppliers and manufacturers, then both enter into contract, here once again our work starts. After series of tasks, we implement these projects. 


5.      Do you do legal contracting?


We do legal contracts with our clients, suppliers and manufactures to avoid any conflicts in future. We make transparent TOR and SOW with all contracting parties.


6.      What is the warranty of those suppliers and manufactures which you appoint?

We only work with ISO certified suppliers and manufactures preferably who have previous work experience and most of all we conduct comprehensive investigations about them with our own resources. Consequently, if we are fully satisfied then we interact and proceed further.


7.      What can I expect from you after giving you project?

You can expect professionalism, excellent resources for your project, 1st class project organization, fairness, transparency, ethics, assistance and consultation for any task in the project. Comfort, satisfaction, success and many more things.


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